Investment proposals


1. Construction of Nitrogen Complex at JSC “Grodno Azot”
2. Modernization of production with the aim to expanding the range of competitive lathe chucks which is relevant international safety standards and reducing consumption of materials parts and assemblies power tractors
3. Modernization of existing production of lime-sand bricks with erection of a modern brick press and packaging line
4.  Modernisation of the section for stitch molding fastening footwear production


1. Reconstruction of the specialized sports and recreation destination «Lazurnuj»
2. Construction of indoor tennis courts in Grodno»




Plots of land which are offered at auction for the construction of public facilities


1. Plot of land for the construction of the center for the sale, maintenance and repair of automotive equipment. Skidelsky highway (near CHPP-2)
2. Plot of land for the construction of facility industrial purpose. Skidelsky highway (near CHPP-2)
3. Plot of land for the construction of car service station. Indurskoe highway (near gas station)
4. Plot of land for the construction of grocery and related products shop (the area is 600 sq.m.), café for 40-60 seats, points of public services, improvement of neighborhood (entrances and guest parking for 25 cars). Microdistrict «Baranovichi-1»
5. Northeastern of the intersection of Dzerzhinsky Street with extension of Ostrowski Street till Budennogo Street of a public facilities
6. Southeast of the intersection of Dubko Street and Pushkin Street. Public facilities
7. Northwest of the intersection of Limoges Street and Kurchatova Street. Public facilities
8. Gornovuсh,Str. , the territory of the former tannery. Shopping and service center

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