Municipal economy

The system of housing and communal services provides for the city functioning. The joint unitary manufacturing enterprise "Grodno municipal housing and communal service" includes 11 companies and organizations offering a whole list of housing and communal services: hot and cold running water, central heating, saunas, paid parking, etc.

In 2012 at the expense of all sources of financing and deductions from state and private funds more than 1482798,3 ml BLR was spent on construction works and corrective maintenance.

1302 facades were renovated. In the course of complete overhaul works of Grodno housing facilities in 2012, as in previous years, specific attention was paid to the modernization of the historic center and the surrounding areas: Sotsialisticheskaya Street, Gorodnichanskaya Street, Vasilka Street, Telman Street, Gorky Street, May Day Street, as well as housing facilities comprehensive overhaul, memorial complexes improvement, park and water-protective complexes development. Rehabilitation of the natural monument of local importance "Recreational forest Rumlevo" in Grodno was carried out, historic city center streets were renovated: Botanicheskaya Street, Parizhskoy Komunny Street, Kirov Street, Karbyshev Street and Ozheshko Street. Maintenance works and general beautification were carried out in the recreation area of Lake Jubileinoe.

Urban street network expansion is underway. The construction of the Northeast semi-ring from Brickell Street to Cosmonavtov Avenue and from Slavinskogo Street to Olga Solomova Street crossing Suvorov Street is complete. The construction of roads in residential districts Uzhny-2, construction of drives and distribution networks in Uzhny-2, and Uzhny-4 is complete. Total stretch of new roads built in 2012 counts 12.9 km.

The reconstruction of Pobedy Street included its extension to two lanes in both directions. The reconstruction of Dovator and Suvorov Street is finished. Ostrovsky Street reconstruction is coming to an end. Railway Station Square reconstruction works are compete.

Considerable importance is given to the development of transport infrastructure in residential districts. In 2012 electricity network in the private housing residential districts "Pogorany-Koshevniki 6-9" as well as Zaritsa-4 was brought into service. Electricity network in Baranovici 5-6 and Zaritsa-5 is under construction. Gas pipelines in "Pogorany-Koshevniki 6-9" and Uzhny-4 are being laid.

There are design estimates for overhaul of Budennogo Street, understudy construction of Troitskaya Street, extension of Podgornaya Street, Ortrovskogo Street and Kurchatogo Street, as well as Osennaya Street development.

Overhaul and corrective maintenance of 488,640 square meters of street pavement, including overhaul of 196.2 thousand square meters of road carpet are complete. 386 apartment block yards have been renovated. Additionally, 10 driveways have been cleared, extra parking spaces have been constructed.

The construction and reconstruction works of welfare facilities such as: surgical building with Children's Regional Hospital as well as "Grodno" cinema in Sovetskaya Street (reconstructed for the Youth Center) are complete. The first stage of reconstruction of the administrative and medical building with "Physiology Regional Center" in Leninskogo Komsomola Boulevard has been launched. Comprehensive modernization of "October" cinema as well as the dormitory with "Medical University" in Gorky Street is complete.

The city has planted 5650 trees, 18924 bushes, 3768,054 thousand flowers, 421,700 square meters of lawn.

In 2013 construction, overhaul and improvement works in the system of housing and communal services are carried out in accordance with the approved itemized lists.

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