There are about 70 construction and installation and repair organizations in Grodno. The industry employs over 11 thousand people. The major construction companies are: OJSC "Grodnozhilstroy”, JSC “Grodnopromstroy", GOPPSUP "Grodnooblselstroy”, DST # 6 and a number of other road-building organizations.

Regional Unitary Project Enterprise"Grodnograzhdanproekt Institute", Designing UE “Grodnozhilproekt” BE “Grodnoselstroyproekt”, Grodno Design and Production UE” Grodnogiprostroy” UE “Grodnozhilproekt", OJSC “Grodno Research and Design Institute of Nitrogen Industry", some other offices and companies provide project design and survey.

The matters of housing construction, complete overhaul and maintenance of the housing stock are under the constant supervision of Grodno City Executive Committee.


The reconstruction and thermal rehabilitation of residential buildings are accomplished including upgrading fronts and roofs. The reconstruction of houses № 3, 5, 7 in Kalinowski street is an example of creative approach of the staff of "Grodnozhilproekt" to the reconstruction of buildings.

Some buildings are distinguished by their architecture. These are:
- administration building of the free economic zone "Grodnoinvest";
- administrative building “Belgazprombank” in Gorki Street;
- "Kupala" supermarket in Kupala Avenue;
Administrative and industrial building of JV “Conte Spa" in Pobedy Street.

This year the construction of apartment houses are concentrated in two rapidly developing new areas of the city: Deviatovka and Vishnevets. The construction in districts "Deviatovka-4, 5", "Vishnevets-3, 4,5 is still continued. The development of land for building housing estates "Deviatovka-6, 7 and Vishnevets-6, 7 has been initiated.

Residential buildings are put into operation together with the equipped yard area. New streets have appeared in the new areas. These are the extension of Tavlaya and Belye Rossy Streets in Deviatovka and Vishnevetskaya and South Streets in Vishnevets area. Two kindergartens have started working, a school is actually being constructed in "Vishnevets-5’” area, as well as three large shopping centers are being constructed.

Another residential area is now being organized in the former KECH district between Pushkin Street and Dzerzhinski Street (contractor - OJSC Grodnozhilstroy). Along with residential buildings a trade and service centre “Na Pushkina” and “Almi” supermarket have been built in the area.

The construction of residential buildings has been started In Kalinovski and Vesenaya Street areas well as along Popovich Street area. Several blocks of flats have already been set in operation.

Renovation, repair and rebuilding work is being done in the historic part of the city.

"ABC" Trade and Social Center has opened in the building which was recreated during the reconstruction in Sovietskaya Street.In the territory adjacent to the shopping center, a new pedestrian street after Naydus has been built.

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