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“ The Pearl of the Neman Region”, ” The City of Castles”, “ A Royal City”, “ The City at the Crossroads” – these words are about Grodno, one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus.

For the time of its existence the city has attracted the visitors due to its unique cultural and historical heritage, highly developed industry, scientific and social potential. The city won’t leave you indifferent. Everyone who once visited it, falls in love with its cosy streets, open-hearted citizens, hospitable cafes and restaurants, old castles.

Grodno is a modern European city, a large administrative, industrial, scientific and cultural centre of Belarus. We carefully keep the heritage of our ancestry and try to enrich it.

Grodno offers huge economic opportunities in realization of innovative projects, technology and audacious programmes.

A favourable business climate created by the authorities of the Republic of Belarus and Grodno Region contributes to the development of business, profitable investing and the possibilities for realization of the most daring plans.

One of the most important factors for investing is a favourable economic and geographical position.

The advantageous geographical position – at the crossroads from east to west and from north to south, comfortable trade routes, tolerant and hospitable people- contribute to the development of the international contacts.

Grodno City Executive Committee pays much attention to the realization of the innovative projects, strengthening of the business partnership, contributes to the dynamic development of the industry, environmentally friendly technologies, economic and cultural integration in the world community.

Grodno City is open for cooperation, development and strengthening of the interregional and international contacts, economic and socio-cultural exchange.

Welcome to Grodno!

The Chairman of Grodno City Executive Committee M. Goy

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